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IQ Escape

The Most Unique Escape Room Game Experience in the U.S.

IQ Escape offers an immersive, one-of-a-kind escape room experience. Our escape games are all about fun and allow groups of co-workers, friends, and family members to experience 40 minutes of themed adventure – designed to elicit unmatched thrills and excitement! We don’t simply ask you to “escape the room”, IQ Escape teams may be tasked with solving crimes, saving the world, traveling through time, or pulling off the perfect heist!

IQ Escape at the Crafthouse Stage & Grill offers 2 unique games for you to experience!

Transported back in time to Camelot, you and your friends find Merlin trapped in the Stone of Anguish after a mysterious evil has entered the land.  Only the descendants of the Knights of the Round Table can free the all-powerful Merlin to defeat the evil forces.  Together, you and your team will search for the knightly heirs and save the magic of Camelot before it is lost forever! 

The Pittsburgh Job
You are a part of a team of elite spies searching for a painting created by an iconic pop artist thought to be dead.  Beginning in the museum gift shop, your team discovers that not only is he alive, but he's created his most controversial piece yet! 

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